Covid-19 Disaster Funding Programs – If you stare long enough, you will see a sailboat

April 06, 2020

More clarification about the various SBA programs came out late Friday.  These rules are getting a little clearer as time goes by.  Please use common sense and rely on your professional advisors when considering your options.  However, I can’t help but feeling like the guidance around the programs is a lot like the magic eye scene in Mallrats.  If you stare long enough at the various Covid-19 disaster funding programs, you will see a sailboat (or at least find something that fits your situation).

Here are some things that we found relevant:

  1. Affiliated Business Guidance for PPP Loans:  Essentially, if a business operates with a number of separate affiliates, they are all rolled up into one entity for PPP eligibility purposes.  However, there are waivers for hospitality businesses and faith-based organizations.  Please review the linked documents (Affiliation rules overview, DOT Affiliation Interim Rule, SBA Faith Based FAQ) for further clarifications.
  2. PPP Successes:  I have confirmation of two companies locally that received preliminary approval for the PPP loan.  While I have heard of more issues that the processing system is overloaded, it should continue to improve and more will be approved.   See the linked list for SBA lenders and consultants if you have not applied yet.
  3. TSA #s show the dramatic drop in travel:  Check out the travel numbers on the TSA Site.  From March 16th to present, flying has come to an almost stand still.  It would be nice to see the recovery of these numbers snap back as quickly as they fell.  Time will tell.
  4. Planning and managing layoffs/furloughs:  While I hope these are kept at a minimum, it is an unfortunate reality that layoffs and furloughs are going to occur because of the current situation.  The article, written by David Ulevitch (a general partner from Andreesen Horowitz), at the following link provides some useful things to think through before and during implementation.  Here is the article link.
    1. Unemployment Compensation Link:  The following link can get you to any state UC site.  Here is the website.
    2. PA UC:  For the latest updates in PA, here is the website.
  5. Upcoming Webinars:
    1. The Council for Insurance Agents and Brokers; PPP Program Overview; April 6th @ 1130 (From Jeff Kile @ the Glatfelter Agency):  The registration link is listed here.
    2. Attract Capital (Dave Barnitt,  See the linked announcement for a Coffee Chat scheduled for next Tuesday April 7th, 10am.   
    3. Huntington Bank, COVID-19 SMAR Talk Weekly Webinar, Wednesday April 8, 2020, 1pm-2pm:  The registration link is here.


Please see all of our updates at the following link:

As always, please don’t hesitate to email myself, Andy Miller ( or Christian Miller ( or anyone in our office with any questions or comments. 


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