MPL General Counsel Corner – Networking or Notworking

September 27, 2021

As we go out and about and start to have more face-to-face meetings, I thought it might be helpful to talk about networking.  In my experience, this business development tool has been the most effective use of my marketing time.  A few quick tips that may be of use in your networking ventures.

  1. Say Hello – Introduce yourself and ask the other person who they are and what they do.  This is so often missed and ignored by people when they enter a room.
  2. Ask questions – At the start of the conversation, look to learn more about the other person before you start talking about yourself and your business.  Do not start the conversation trying to sell your services.
  3. Be specific – Make sure you know what you do and who your target market is.  For example, if you answer that you are an attorney and you practice law, I can guarantee that you will not be memorable to the other person. However, if you say that you are a transactional attorney looking to meet the next generation of ownership in a family business, then you are likely to trigger some thought.
  4. Pay it forward – Try to be thinking of a way that you can help the person you are networking with.  If you think they are a good person to add to your network, try to pay it forward and help them out.
  5. No expectation – If you go into these events expecting to get automatic referrals, you will be very disappointed.  These relationships take time to develop.  Be patient.

I can tell you that the above items are some of the keys to networking success.  If you are looking for business at the start of a conversation, your networking will be more like notworking.

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