MPL General Counsel Corner – PPP Funds Still Available, If You Need Them

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May 11, 2020

The US Department of Treasury only provided two updates related to the PPP over the weekend.  We are still awaiting the Loan Forgiveness guidance.

The first was a procedural update related to the extension of the deadline to give back the PPP funds to May 14th.  More interesting was the latest loan numbers as of 5/8.

The total amount of funds approved is now ~$189B, which is 61% of the total amount approved  ($310B) and only a slight uptick from the prior week’s reported level of ~$176B.  On top of that, the average loan per borrower has dropped further to ~$73k from ~$80k in the prior week’s report, while the approved loans are up 55% from all of round 1 levels, versus up 33% as of the first round 2 PPP update.  (see my PPP_Round_2.02t for more data).

While I cannot say for certain, a good theory for the slow loan growth in spite of the accelerated application growth is the return of funds by recipients from round one or early in round two.  Importantly, if you have not applied yet, it looks like there are going to be funds available as long as you need the money.

Here are some other things that may be important or relevant for you:

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  • Upcoming Webinars and Helpful Resources

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