Traffic Citations, Moving Violations and License Suspensions

Traffic Citations, Moving Violations and License Suspensions

Traffic violations can result in the loss of a person’s driver’s license, as well as other serious fines, and possibly even jail time. Many people who receive traffic citations will try to challenge the citation in court without the assistance of an attorney. Others will simply pay a fine without even showing up in court.


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Do not try to resolve your case without the assistance of an experienced traffic law attorney. You may end up waiving your rights and pleading guilty to a citation that will affect your driving record and your ability to drive in the future. Before you do anything, contact us for a consultation regarding your rights as they relate to traffic violations.

Paying a fine is the same as pleading guilty to a traffic citation.

It may affect your driving privileges and your driving record. Before trying to handle your case alone, it’s important to understand your rights and obligations, as well as any consequences you may face. At MPL Law Firm we can help you explore your options and alternatives for challenging a traffic ticket.

We have experience defending clients against traffic charges such as:

  • Driving while privileges are suspended or revoked
  • Reckless driving
  • Speeding
  • Accidents involving a motor vehicle
  • Careless driving
  • DUI and underage drinking

Driver’s License and Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Convictions for Pennsylvania traffic offenses result in the imposition of points on a driver’s record. Once you accumulate 12 points — or in some cases only six points — you can face sanctions, including loss of your license. Our attorneys can negotiate with administrative agencies to preserve your driver’s license. You may be able to attend driving improvement school to protect your driving privileges. We may also be able to negotiate to secure driving privileges for work or school.

At MPL Law Firm, we have experience handling CDL cases for drivers charged with DUI or other driving offenses. Our primary goal is to challenge the evidence presented against you and defeat your charges. If we cannot get the charges dropped, we will seek to negotiate a plea bargain with the police and pursue every other avenue of defense on your behalf.

What you need to know about traffic citations and young offenders.

Young drivers are often disproportionately targeted for traffic violations. Despite this, even a single violation can drastically raise a family’s insurance rates. If your son or daughter has received a traffic violation, call MPL Law Firm today. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney to contest the charges may be less costly than living with the consequences of a conviction. Your child will also be able to preserve their clean driving record, which can be a useful ally when applying for certain jobs.

A seasoned traffic lawyer can assess your child’s case and determine the best legal options for having the charges dropped, lessened or removed from their record. The traffic attorneys at York, PA’s MPL Law Firm know Pennsylvania motor vehicle law inside and out. We may be able to prevent a simple mistake or lapse in judgment from having long-term effects for your teen.

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