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About MPL Law Firm in York, PA

When you need a law firm in York, PA, MPL Law has the combination of experience, knowledge and results-driven focus to help you work towards a positive outcome.
From corporate matters that require financial acumen to criminal cases in which discretion is key, to estate and contract issues where attention to detail can prevent
costly problems down the line, we’re a full-service law firm for York’s leading businesses and individuals.

When you contact us for any matter, we’ll take the time to get to know you, your case and your goals. With a focus on excellent communication, we’ll keep you
informed with each new development and actively seek your input whenever re-strategizing becomes necessary.

We’re the law firm for everything
life and business throws at you.

Your legal needs may change over time, but that doesn’t mean you need to change lawyers. MPL Law offers a wide range of services for people at all stages of life,

  • Business and Commercial Law
    Whether you are an ambitious startup or an established lender in your industry, MPL Law is a trusted counsel in all business law matters. We can assist with contract negotiation, business acquisitions, financing, business formation tax issues and other legal matters that are essential to positioning you for success.
  • Real Estate & Municipal Law
    Our firm helps buyers and sellers with real estate deals of any size. From environmental and zoning issues to foreclosure sales we’ll bring important insights that can help you make the smart choice in any transaction.
  • Estate Planning
    MPL Law works for clients at all stages of life. We provide estate planning and will preparation, probate and power of attorney, and more. With help from our team, it’s never too early to start planning for everything the future will bring.
  • Criminal Defense
    When you need honest advice from a sympathetic lawyer, MPL Law in York will be by your side. We offer aggressive representation in both misdemeanor and felony charges so you can put an embarrassing situation behind you forever.
  • Family Law
    Navigating legal situations involving family can become complex. The family law attorneys at MPL Law are experts in all areas of practice, including adoption, divorce, and custody law.

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We are thought leaders, focused on delivering solutions for our clients.

At MPL Law Firm our attorneys take every step necessary to ensure that a client’s rights are protected and that we deliver the best possible results. We find solutions by taking a creative and strategic approach in every matter so that we can function as “thought leaders” for our clients.

From the initial consultation to the final resolution, we remain trusted confidants and aggressive advocates, never shying or walking away from adversity.
When conflict arises, as it often does, we’re always prepared and do everything that is ethically and legally within our power to protect your interests and ensure a successful outcome.

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    With an Attention to Detail

    We offer personal attention

    A winning strategy or successful business deal can often turn on even the most seemingly minor detail, so we overlook nothing. We also understand the importance of open and honest communication — and that personal attention means a willingness to listen. While the nature of the cases we handle — practice areas that include business law , estate planning , real estate and municipal law , and criminal defense — often requires a tough approach, our attorneys and staff are friendly and approachable. This helps ensure that you feel comfortable confiding in us so we can fully understand the specifics of your case and your goals. Once we have all the facts, our attorneys take the time to explore all options and alternatives prior to

    Our approach works — as evidenced by the longstanding client relationships we have developed over the years. Most of our cases come as referrals from previous clients and other attorneys who have experienced first-hand our skilled advocacy. This is testament to how hard we have worked over the years to earn the reputation as one of the most trusted and respected law firms in central Pennsylvania.

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