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First-Time DUI Defense Attorney in York, PA

For many people, their first arrest for drunk driving is also their first encounter with the criminal justice system in general. A DUI charge can greatly disrupt your life and cause you great uncertainty. The best thing you can do at this time is to get in touch with an experienced Pennsylvania DUI defense lawyer.

At MPL Law Firm, we have more than 20 years of experience defending people against DUI/DWI charges in central Pennsylvania. We want you to know that you do have rights and you do have options. It is common for DUI penalties to be reduced or charges dismissed outright when a defense attorney is able to act quickly.

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Do not plead guilty to drunk driving without talking to us first. We know how to fight these charges for your benefit.
Challenging DUI evidence may help protect your driver’s license and your freedom.

If this is your first time being charged with DUI in Pennsylvania, two of your biggest concerns are probably these: What will happen to your driver’s license and will you go to jail? Generally, the answer to those questions depends on your blood alcohol content (BAC) at the time you were arrested.

  • BAC between .08 and .099: $300 fine; alcohol safety training; six months probation
  • BAC between .10 and .159: $500 to $5,000 in fines; mandatory 48 hours in jail, with six months possible; one-year driver’s license suspension; eligible for occupational limited license after two months of suspension
  • BAC .160 or above: Up to $5,000 in fines; mandatory 72 hours in jail; one-year driver’s license suspension; eligible for occupational limited license after two months of suspension

Our DUI defense attorney may be able to negotiate to preserve your license or minimize the duration of the suspension, and we will work diligently to keep you out of jail if you’re facing incarceration. We will leave no stone unturned in collecting evidence to build a case in your defense.

We also handle marijuana and drug DUI cases.

While anyone can make a mistake or have a lapse in judgment, first offense alcohol DUIs in PA are dropping as more people become aware of the severe consequences of a conviction. At the same time, however, increasingly liberal attitudes toward marijuana and prescription drug use have led to a gradual increase in the number of drug-related traffic stops in the state.

If it’s your first DUI offense, you may not realize that penalties for driving under the influence of drugs are equal to those for the strictest tier of alcohol-related DUI. For this reason, it’s critical to have a lawyer you can trust. Field testing methods for marijuana and other drugs are imperfect — getting this evidence thrown out is a key objective in any DUI defense.

Too many people learn the long-lasting consequences of a drug-related first time DUI offense the hard way. In York, PA, the lawyers at MPL Law will do whatever it takes to help you or your child move past this incident. You can count on us for skilled representation every step of the way.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD)

If this DUI is your first criminal charge, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) gives you the opportunity to clear your criminal record. If you are eligible for ARD and complete the program successfully, you stay out of jail, reduce or eliminate the loss of your driving privileges, and the record of your arrest is expunged. ARD is also available in non-DUI cases.

Our team has represented over 4,000 criminal cases.

No matter what the best way forward is for your case, MPL Law provides legal representation and counsel that puts your needs first. Our criminal law team is led by attorney Richard Robinson, a 25-year legal veteran who has handled more than 4,000 cases. If you’re looking for an attorney for a first-time DUI defense in York, experience matters. Led by Richard, our team knows Pennsylvania law and can work to find creative solutions to many legal problems.

For many of our clients, a first offense DUI charge is the lone conviction on an otherwise spotless criminal and driving record. Unfortunately, PA’s DUI laws are among the strictest in the nation, and they can lead to long-term consequences even if the incident is never repeated. At MPL Law, our first-offense DUI charge attorneys believe everyone is entitled to a chance to wipe the slate clean.

For a first offense DUI charge, our attorneys are persistent and will take every necessary step to secure an ARD in your case, or find another solution that lets you move on from an embarrassing incident quickly. The first step is to meet with our team for a consultation. Contact us or call us at 717-845-1524 to speak to an attorney today.

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