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Juvenile Law Attorney in York, PA

When your child is charged with a crime, you want experienced representation to protect his or her rights and ensure the best possible outcome. The most pressing concern in juvenile law cases is making sure that the minor is not treated as an adult. In Pennsylvania, a juvenile can end up in an adult prison. If your child is facing criminal charges, contact us as soon as possible for an immediate investigation into your case. Our juvenile law attorneys will leave no stone unturned in collecting and preserving evidence to build your child’s defense.

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We have a wealth of experience in juvenile law.

Our attorneys handle:

  • Drug charges, including possession and intent to sell
  • Alcohol related offenses – underage drinking, fake IDs, and DUIs
  • Violent crimes – assault and battery, rape and sexual offenses, homicide, aggravated assault, and child abuse
  • Property crimes – shoplifting, auto theft, property damage, and theft

Even if the accused is a student and a minor, he/she still has rights. Our attorney can help ensure they are not violated — and work to defeat any criminal charges.

If a case is automatically filed in adult court, we can seek decertification to remove the case to juvenile court. We can also file for an evidentiary hearing before a juvenile judge to demonstrate that the accused is amenable to treatment in the juvenile system.

Time is of the essence in any juvenile case.

The time frame in any juvenile case is important. The older the juvenile is at the time that the criminal charges are brought, the more likely it is, with regard to serious criminal charges, the accused will be charged as an adult.

We can represent a juvenile before a school board and superintendent.

Students who commit crimes in high school or elementary school often find themselves subject to suspension or even expulsion. Many schools have zero tolerance for certain behavior, even if it is not criminal. You can call on us to represent juvenile clients before school boards and school superintendents. Contact us or call us at 717-845-1524 to speak to an attorney today.

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