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Real estate lawyers play a vital role in buying and selling commercial property, from contract drafting to negotiating to closing. While these attorneys are primarily responsible for the transactional work, they can also perform or assist in due diligence investigations involving structural details, utilities or environmental factors. When disputes arise, real estate lawyers will represent their clients to resolve issues like breach of contract, boundary disputes and zoning compliances.

Hiring a qualified and experienced real estate attorney is highly beneficial for minimizing risk and helping you avoid costly settlements. At MPL Law, we have decades of combined experience advising and representing clients in commercial real estate, including agricultural land, stores and outlets and industrial facilities.

Commercial Property Lawyers and Real Estate Attorneys in Pennsylvania

If you’re considering buying, selling or leasing commercial real estate, you need an experienced lawyer by your side to protect your interests. We believe an excellent real estate attorney should shepherd a project from beginning to end, helping clients maximize their return while avoiding legal entanglements. We protect our clients through performing skilled negotiations, due diligence, careful drafting and thorough contract review.

Among the specific commercial real estate services we offer are:

  • Commercial, industrial and agricultural real estate: The MPL commercial, industrial and agricultural real estate team can handle all transaction requirements, plus address other critical areas like due diligence, finances, 1031 exchanges and more.
  • Condominiums and planned communities: Our condominium and planned community attorneys can handle real estate issues and provide valuable insight for developers, homeowner associations and residents. Our team has vast experience with the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act, the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act and other applicable laws.
  • Foreclosure and tax sales of distressed assets: MPL Law Firm focuses on all aspects of foreclosure and real estate tax sales, helping creditors perform the necessary foreclosing actions and assisting foreclosed clients with sheriff sales or tax claim sales.
  • Real estate transactions and title insurance: We protect our clients’ best interests throughout the entire buying process, including title insurance and all the elements involved with closing.

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Commercial Real Estate Projects Tailored to Your Needs

The MPL real estate team has performed substantial work involving various commercial properties and developments, including industrial parks, strip malls, office buildings, farms and mobile home parks. We help buyers, sellers, developers and other parties manage their transactions to minimize risk and maximize their returns. Rather than taking a standardized approach to each endeavor, we listen to our clients’ needs to help them achieve the best results.

Our lawyers have extensive experience and knowledge in redevelopment projects involving keystone opportunity zones, the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Act and other tax abatement programs. We can also help address zoning, subdivision and land use issues and assist with water and sewer provisions. We comprehensively understand green and clean environmental practices and other development issues facing farmers and agriculturally zoned properties.

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At MPL Law Firm, we believe trust is the most critical component of an attorney-client relationship. We go the extra mile in listening to your concerns and expectations when handling your commercial real estate needs. Contact our team online today or call 717-845-1524 to arrange a consultation.

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