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PA Real Estate Litigation & Transaction Law

A knowledgeable and experienced real estate attorney can be a valuable asset when navigating the often complicated process involved with buying or selling a property. For individuals buying residential property, a real estate lawyer can help interpret the contract and ensure you get the deal you deserve. Although Pennsylvania is one of the few states that does not require an attorney present at closing, property buyers can often benefit from legal support.

Real estate lawyers are also vital in buying and selling commercial property, from drafting the contract to negotiating the deal to completing the final closing. Besides handling the transactional work, these attorneys are often instrumental in conducting due diligence investigations surrounding environmental factors, utilities or critical structural details. In addition, real estate attorneys can provide assistance to resolve issues like boundary disputes, zoning compliances and breaches of contract when disagreements arise.

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Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transaction Services

At MPL Law Firm, we leverage more than three decades of experience to ensure you receive the real estate deal you expect and deserve. As real estate attorneys, we believe our primary role is to help our clients understand all aspects of the transaction, whether they’re dealing with a commercial, industrial or residential property. We strive to review each specific contract detail, ensuring we meet our clients’ expectations and goals.

Some of the specific real estate services we offer include:

  • Real estate purchases and sales.
  • Financing assistance.
  • Zoning and land use.
  • State and federal environmental laws.
  • Contract and lease dispute litigation.
  • Construction laws and building codes.
  • Residential closing.
  • Real estate transactions and title insurance.

Real Estate Closing

Although our practice focuses primarily on industrial and commercial real estate, our team has extensive experience handling residential transactions. Having an experienced lawyer present at closing can provide many significant benefits, including:

  • Streamlining communication between all parties.
  • Ensuring all documents are in order.
  • Catching any prospective errors.

Title Insurance

A property title provides evidence that an owner is in lawful possession of a property. A title insurance policy protects real estate lenders and owners from any potential property loss they might experience because of encumbrances, liens or defects in the property title. The policy also protects against past events involving the property and actions by the people who owned it, including fraud, forgery or encroachments.

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MPL Law Firm Real Estate Litigation Services

The attorneys at MPL Law Firm can perform industrial, commercial and residential real estate-based litigation before regulatory agencies, municipalities and federal and state courts. MPL Law Firm has extensive experience handling litigation from inception through the trial and appeal. A significant part of our real estate practice is resolving title and boundary disputes, disclosure cases, construction defect cases, failed real estate deals and evictions involving landlords and tenants.

We also have extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act, the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act and other applicable laws to protect condominium and planned community residents.

During the initial consultation, we review the case’s strengths and weaknesses with each client to determine possible alternative resolutions and whether the cost of litigation makes sense.

Commercial Property Settlement Services

Through our licensed settlement company, MPL LandServices, LLC, we can write title insurance for Stewart Title and Guarantee Company while serving as the settlement agent. These abilities allow us to provide full-service representation for escrow services and real estate closings.

Using MPL LandServices is a practical and cost-effective way to ensure a smooth transaction. Using us as your settlement agent and real estate attorney streamlines the process because we’re already familiar with the sale’s contract details.

Choose MPL for Your Settlement and Title Insurance Needs

If you’re buying or selling a residence, business or industrial property and are looking for a knowledgeable and experienced real estate transaction lawyer, MPL Law Firm is a perfect choice. Our attorneys can provide professional representation and offer insight on any legal matter. Call 717-845-1524 or connect with us online to schedule a consultation and learn more about what we do.