Real Estate Transactions and Title Insurance

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Real Estate Transactions and Title Insurance Attorneys in York, PA

In a real estate transaction — just like any major purchase — it’s important to be sure your interests and your money are protected. MPL Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience serving clients in York, PA. From closing a deal to providing title insurance, our lawyers will help you make informed decisions in all legal matters.

We make complex transactions simple.

An attorney’s primary role in a real estate transaction is to ensure that clients actually get the deal they believe they are getting. With more than three decades of experience in real estate law, MPL Law Firm sees to it that you understand every aspect of your real estate transaction — whether it’s industrial, commercial or residential real estate.

Attention to detail is a key aspect of the service we offer. Real estate matters are not always straightforward. If it is assumed that they are, mistakes will be made. We are thorough. We review all details to ensure the goals of our clients are met.

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Let us handle your real estate closing.

While our practice is focused on commercial and industrial real estate, we can also provide our services in cases involving residential real estate transactions.

Having an attorney assist with a closing can be extremely beneficial. It ensures that all bases are covered and that agreements entered into are in your best interests.

What is title insurance?

Title insurance may not seem like a necessary expense, but it’s one that many property owners have regretted not purchasing. Title insurance provides protection from challenges to the ownership of your property or other issues stemming from a fraudulent or contested title.
Title fraud is more common than most people think — it is not terribly difficult for someone to forge a deed or other document that will allow them to take out a mortgage against a property they don’t own. Resolving these cases can be costly and time-consuming. Real estate title insurance provides a measure of protection in the event something like this happens to you.

Do I need title insurance?

In addition to contested ownership issues, title insurance can be useful when surveying errors and encroachment problems present the potential for causing you financial loss. While title insurance is optional, it is a one-time expense that can deliver protection and peace of mind for as long as you own your property.
It is best to purchase title insurance at the same time you buy your property, though it is still possible to get insured after the fact, too. To learn more about the benefits of real estate title insurance in York, PA, contact MPL LandServices today.

MPL LandServices, LLC

MPL LandServices, LLC, is our licensed settlement company. Through it, we can write title insurance for Stewart Title and Guarantee Company and serve as the settlement agent, handling real estate closings and escrow services as well as preparing title insurance for the closings.

Having an attorney from MPL LandServices, LLC handle your agency closing does not cost any more than using a settlement company with a non-attorney closing agent. As title insurance agents, our fees are paid as a commission from title insurance, with rates that are set by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance (and the same for all title insurance regardless of the settlement agency).

The firms Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch; MPL Law Firm; and Griest Himes Herrold Reynosa have joined together, bringing decades of experience together as the new MPL Law Firm.

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