Spousal Support Lawyer

Factors to Consider for Spousal Support

Pennsylvania courts take many things into consideration when awarding alimony, including:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The financial situation of both parties
  • Special needs and financial requirements
  • Custody agreements
  • Whether one spouse supported another during the marriage, by helping them get an education or by offering financial or other support
  • Lifestyle and standard of living during the marriage
  • The earning capacity of both parties
  • The career and job prospects of both partners
  • The education of both parties
  • Inheritances, incomes and other sources of financial support and income for both parties
  • Misconduct or bad behavior by either party to the course of the marriage
  • Assets and property owned by each party
  • The tax situation for each party following the divorce

The standards for awarding spousal support and APL are less subjective; however, the calculation and entitlement to support at any level can be complex. If you’re concerned about how much alimony you’ll be expected to pay, or if you’re concerned about whether you’ll get enough financial support after the end of your marriage, contact a spousal support lawyer in York, PA — you can always count on the family law attorneys at MPL Law for assistance.

How Does the Court Determine Payment Amount and Length?

Alimony can last for a specific period or indefinitely. The amount of alimony is highly individual and is based on each unique divorce case. There’s also no guarantee of alimony in Pennsylvania, and it is very likely to have a divorce with no alimony paid.

The court determines the amount to be paid, as well as the length of the alimony, based on many factors. When carefully considering the case, the court will consider any mediation or agreements both parties have reached and the needs of both spouses, including the dependent spouse’s financial needs and the supporting spouse’s ability to pay.

Can I Fight the Decision or Modify the Payment?

If you’ve been ordered to pay more alimony than you think you can afford, contact a family law attorney in York, PA, to discuss contesting the court’s decision. Family lawyers can submit evidence of your ability to pay and can seek a fairer arrangement.

You may also be able to modify the payment if your circumstances change. For example, if you’re disabled, lose your job or your financial situation changes, you may be able to seek a modification on the payment. If your spouse is receiving additional forms of income or remarries, this can also impact what you must pay or terminate your obligation altogether. You’ll want to consult with a family law attorney in York who can review the specifics of your situation and provide advice and representation in court.

How can MPL Law help?

MPL Law family law lawyers serve York and the surrounding region. We have experience handling contested and uncontested divorces. Speaking to an alimony or child custody lawyer in our York, PA, offices can ensure you get the support you need. A child support lawyer on our York, PA, legal team can review your situation and offer advice and representation. Contact us today for a consultation.