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MPL Law Firm: Attorneys Serving York County, PA and Beyond

MPL Law Firm is a relationship-based law firm composed of highly competent and responsive attorneys in York, PA. With well-established ties to the York area, we’ve practiced here for more than 30 years and work with multiple clients and peers locally and nationally.

If you’re looking for a lawyer in the York area or beyond who will focus on your needs, consider contacting our law firm. Our small firm and personalized approach mean we’ll take the time to learn the details of your matter. You can rest assured that our York, PA-based attorneys will take the time to listen and work with you to achieve the best results the situation allows. Working closely with our clients allows us to build rapport and develop lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on the relationships and loyalty we share with our clients. We take the time to understand your needs and concerns, so we can better address them.

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A York Law Firm for All of Your Legal Needs

Unlike other law firms, we keep our professional practice small while carefully creating a group of attorneys with extensive experience in a variety of cases. As a result, our law offices can handle many matters in-house, but our small size allows us to treat each client with focus, vigor, and due attention.

Are you tired of law firms that don’t return your calls or are indifferent to the details of your case? That won’t happen with MPL Law. We choose to remain a small client-focused firm, but that doesn’t mean we sacrifice knowledge or legal experience in any way. Our attorneys can handle every practice area you need:


Business Law

If you are buying or selling a business, an experienced and focused, solutions-driven mergers and acquisitions attorney must be an essential part of your deal team. If you run your own business, a business attorney is essential to create and examine contracts, as well as advise you on many different legal matters. If you’re just getting started, a business formation attorney can ensure your business is properly structured, legally compliant and ready to open its doors. Whether you are an entrepreneur in need of a high-quality mergers and acquisitions attorney, a small organization in need of a small business lawyer or a larger corporation with larger legal needs, MPL Law Firm has years of experience handling business legal matters for companies of all sizes in a diversity of industries.

Real Estate Law

If you want to rent, invest, or develop real estate, you need a real estate attorney in York, PA to help you maneuver through the many legal issues of real estate transactions. Whether you need real estate title service or a municipal law attorney to handle bylaws or zoning issues, contact MPL Law Firm. Our York, PA lawyers have worked with local homeowners, investors, developers, and builders. We understand the local market as well as the laws affecting your case.

Estate Planning

Estate planning allows you to enjoy peace of mind and can help you plan for the years ahead. At MPL Law Firm, we’re much more than an attorney for will writing, and we offer more than estate planning.

Each attorney at our firm is relationship focused. When you need a lawyer for your power of attorney or will, MPL Law Firm will focus on you and your needs. We will never treat you like a number or leave you waiting on the phone. We work closely with you and take the time to answer all of your questions.

Criminal Defense

If you need a DUI defense lawyer or a criminal defense attorney, you will be pleased to learn MPL Law Firm has one of the most trusted criminal defense law practices in York, PA. Our clients not only praise our attorneys, but they often recommend our attorneys to their friends and family.

If you need criminal defense, MPL Law Firm’s Richard Robinson has handled 400 criminal jury trials and more than 4000 defense cases overall. From homicide cases to death penalty trials, MPL Law Firm has been a staunch defender of families and clients for years.

Family Law

Legal issues that affect families bring rise to some of the most trying years of an individual’s life. At MPL Law Firm we treat each of our clients with tact and respect while helping them navigate through these challenging times. Our approach is client-centered with a focus on providing realistic and meaningful representation for each unique issue that may arise.

Whether you are interested in adopting a child, seeking custody of your children, filing for divorce or encountering another family law issue, our attorneys work diligently to determine and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients and their families.

Looking for an Attorney in York, PA with Reasonable Fees?

We often hear questions from clients about attorney fees. Many individuals who could benefit from the services of law firms in York, PA worry about the costs of local attorneys. At MPL Law Firm, we know you deserve legal support when you need it.

When you work with our law offices in York, PA, attorney cost is always discussed and transparent, so there aren’t any surprises. We pride ourselves on providing great results for our clients at the most reasonable fees possible. Contact us with the details of your legal needs for more information about the attorney fees for your case.

MPL Law: Built on Reliable Service

Our attorneys in York County are proud of our relationship with our clients. MPL Law Firm is one of the most established law firms in York, PA, with roots in the area for more than 30 years. Some of our clients have been coming back to us year after year since the year we opened. They know our York County lawyers will treat their cases seriously.

If you’re looking for an attorney in York County, or if you need a skilled business attorney for legal matters beyond York County, call MPL Law Firm to set up a consultation. Our attorneys in York, PA have built relationships with the community and clients within the community. We work hard to be one of the most trusted law firms in York, PA. We are a relationship-based firm — we put you and your relationship with us first, prioritizing your calls and ensuring your case is handled by local, experienced legal professionals.

To experience the MPL Law Firm difference, call our attorneys in York, PA today.

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