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Organizations seeking to meet their growth objectives may consider implementing a merger or acquisition strategy. A merger occurs when two separate entities combine to form a new company and the original organizations cease to exist. In an acquisition, a larger company absorbs a smaller entity and its assets, which typically does not result in forming a new company.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can take place for several reasons:

  • Attaining economies of scale: Mergers and acquisitions facilitate growth by providing more access to capital and reducing operating costs due to the increased volume. The newly formed entity can experience enhanced bargaining power with suppliers and distributors and other advantages that were unavailable before the transaction.
  • Access to talent and resources: A company may be motivated to merge with or acquire another entity to access equipment, facilities, technologies and worker skill sets that it currently does not possess.
  • Increased market share: Merging is a common tactic in industries such as banking to enable the newly formed entity to establish a larger geographical footprint and increase market share in a specific region.
  • Diversification: Mergers and acquisitions can provide ample opportunities for companies to diversify their product and services offerings and access a broader customer base.

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What Do Mergers and Acquisitions Attorneys Do?

Although a successful M&A can benefit all involved parties, it can be a complex transaction filled with numerous legal hurdles. Without the guidance of a knowledgeable, experienced mergers and acquisitions law firm, it’s possible to make a costly mistake that derails the deal or even results in regulatory violations.

A capable mergers and acquisitions lawyer can help clients achieve their transactional goals and minimize risks by performing these and other essential services:

  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the deal and shepherd the transaction from initiation through the closing process.
  • Identify the client’s business objectives and develop a strategy to achieve them.
  • Review the client’s contracts, debt instruments, financial statements and other crucial documentation.
  • Perform due diligence on the other party to verify the accuracy of pertinent financial and other information.
  • Identify and address any regulatory issues that impact the transaction and the newly formed entity.
  • Engage in the negotiating process and provide tactical advice.
  • Consult with tax attorneys to determine the deal’s tax implications and create and implement a well-formed tax avoidance strategy.

Make MPL Your M&A Lawyers

MPL Law Firm represents buyers and sellers in the structuring, negotiation, documentation, and closing of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and joint ventures. Our firm focuses on main street and middle market-sized transactions in all types of industries. We are experienced M&A attorneys who will be team players with your deal team.
We understand the deal process from start to closing so we are able to understand and effectively engage with your broker, banker, accountant and corporate development officer. We will cost-effectively quarterback your document preparation and negotiation as well as your due diligence. We will help identify deal risks and work with you to find solutions to difficult transaction issues.
Our attorneys have represented buyers and sellers of businesses across the country. We focus on main street and middle-market transactions. We advise clients on confidentiality agreements, letters of intent, deal structure, earnouts, working capital adjustments, representations and warranties, covenants, indemnities and other typical terms of definitive transaction documents.

What Makes Us Different From the Other Mergers and Acquisitions Law Firms?

While other law firms may try to dictate strategies and processes to their clients, MPL takes a different approach. Our mergers and acquisitions lawyers take the time to listen closely. We recognize the significant impact the transaction will have on your company’s long-term financial viability. By seeking your input, we can devise and execute an effective legal strategy that serves your organization’s present and future interests.

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