Foreclosure and Tax Sales

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Foreclosure and Tax Sales Attorneys in York, PA

The lawyers at MPL Law Firm are experienced in all aspects of foreclosure sales and real estate tax sales. Representing buyers of property at foreclosure and tax sales across the state of Pennsylvania, we are very knowledgeable about mortgage and lien foreclosure procedures and procedures under Pennsylvania’s real estate tax sale law.

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What Is the Difference Between a Foreclosure and a Tax Sale?

A foreclosure and a tax sale are similar in that they both can lead to property owners losing their homes. However, the former occurs due to the homeowner failing to keep up with mortgage payments, while the latter results from falling behind on property or real estate taxes. Many homeowners roll their property taxes into their mortgage payments, which can further complicate matters.

We Can Assist You in Foreclosing on a Judgment or Mortgage

Our foreclosure and tax sales lawyers can help you with all stages of your foreclosure action as a creditor. We have experience in filing mechanics and other liens as well as foreclosure actions before Pennsylvania courts. We know the types of notices of foreclosure sales that are required after obtaining judgment, as well as the procedures for a sheriff sale.

Our attorneys will review title matters with you to advise you of lien priorities and notice obligations — and provide you with comprehensive and competent legal advice to help you collect the money owed to you.

Our Experience Includes Quieting Title After a Sale

MPL Law Firm is experienced at filing and prosecuting quiet title actions to clear titles after a sheriff or tax claim sale. An effective quiet title action will provide marketable and insurable title for subsequent sale of the property. Our attorneys will review the title matters and advise you how to proceed with your case. We have filed and prosecuted quiet title actions all over the state of Pennsylvania and are knowledgeable on the various courts’ procedures and time frames.

We Also Offer Buyer Creditor Representation

In addition to representing buyers in foreclosure and tax sales, we also represent clients who are being foreclosed on in proceedings to stop sheriff or tax claim sales or overturn sales after they occur.

Our York, Pennsylvania, foreclosure attorneys are familiar with all aspects of the process as it impacts property owners:

  • Demand letter: All lenders must send the appropriate notice to a homeowner before initiating a foreclosure action. The letter informs the property owner that the mortgage is in default, explains the necessary steps for rectifying the situation and states the consequences of failing to comply.
  • Notice of intent to foreclose: Lenders are required to give at least 30 days’ notice of a foreclosure filing, providing the homeowner an additional opportunity to “cure” the default.
  • Foreclosure lawsuit: If the homeowner does not comply by the end of the 30 days, the lender can then file a lawsuit in state court against the homeowner.

Contact our foreclosure lawyers as soon as possible after receiving a demand letter. We’ll help you create and execute the most appropriate legal strategy based on your unique situation. We can also implement a well-crafted lawsuit defense if necessary.

Why Make MPL Your Foreclosure and Real Estate Sales Tax Attorneys in York?

When you choose us as your foreclosure and tax sales lawyers, you can benefit from more than 30 years of relevant legal experience. You will also partner with a firm that takes the time to get to know each client and understand their unique situation. You will never feel like just another case file or court docket number at MPL Law Firm.

If you need legal advice on any matter related to a foreclosure or real estate tax sale, contact us first for an initial consultation so you can understand all of your options.

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