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The demand for clean energy has never been higher. With companies worldwide becoming more environmentally aware, the interest in solar energy is rising. Technological improvements have made solar easier to implement, while favorable market conditions have helped it become more economical.

With greater competition for solar developers, contractors, and manufacturers comes a higher demand for legal advice and oversight. MPL Law can aid you whether you are a solar energy company, a solar developer, or a landowner looking to lease or sell your land for a solar project.
Our experienced solar energy business attorneys have worked with numerous clients in the rapidly growing solar market.

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What Can MPL Law Do for Your Solar Business?

Our attorneys can assist you in a variety of ways during the production, sale, installation and maintenance of solar energy sources, including:

Utility-Scale Solar Projects and Solar Farms

Commercial and utility-scale solar projects have a level of complexity that requires experienced legal support. We can help you through all steps of the process, from the initial project planning phases, to navigating municipal ordinances, zoning approvals, entitlements, land-development approval, building permits, stormwater management, and more. Identifying and rectifying potential zoning and/or land-development issues early on in the planning process is crucial for both streamlined permitting and optimal electricity production. We have represented solar developers pursuing text amendments, special exceptions, and conditional use approvals. We regularly advise clients on zoning issues and strategies for obtaining approvals to make projects possible.

Our firm also has the benefit of providing guidance to municipalities drafting solar ordinances to prepare for projects. Having this type of knowledge can be an invaluable asset for a development team that might not be familiar with the area. Finally, our attorneys have worked on these types of solar projects all over Pennsylvania so we have a unique depth of experience and knowledge in this field.

Real Estate Issues

We can also assist solar clients with preliminary title review and removal of exceptions. As licensed title agents we understand real estate title matters and also the special concerns and requirements that arise when insuring large-scale projects. We can help identify those issues early so title defects can be addressed before they become a problem during underwriting or due diligence for a potential buyer.

Solar Lease Agreements

We can counsel you on entering into lease agreements with landowners and others. We can negotiate favorable terms for your company and help position you to generate revenue from the project’s start. Our thorough understanding of solar leasing and the law protects you in negotiations and keeps us focused on securing the best value from the contract.

Solar Engineering, Procuring and Construction (EPC), Manufacturing and Installation Agreements

EPC work is a critical component for many solar companies. Our attorneys can examine your agreements and ensure you’re getting the most favorable terms. The advanced technicality of these contracts demands a keen eye. Our attorneys have the experience and edge to help you achieve a favorable outcome, examining each agreement in great detail, focusing on relationship management, and considering previous legal frameworks for similar projects.

Serving Pennsylvania and all of the Mid-Atlantic

MPL Law provides legal services across Pennsylvania, the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. We understand the impact your legal matters have beyond our work together and work to find the best long-term solution for our clients. We work as an integral part of your team to chart a path to successful projects.

Our attorneys in York, PA rely on our in-depth knowledge of solar projects and regulations to seek innovative outcomes that can benefit your company. Get in touch with us today, or call us at 717-845-1524 to schedule an initial consultation.

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