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Business Formation and Entity Choice Attorneys in York, PA

Choice of entity is a crucial first step for business startups. The right decision can pave the way for a successful venture, while the wrong decision can cause unnecessary challenges moving forward — choking off the development, success, and future funding of your business. The role of a proficient choice of entity attorney cannot be overstated.

MPL Law Firm specializes as a firm dedicated to business law matters, including business entity formation. We begin the process by getting to know you as a client, learning about your business, its products or services, and discussing your objectives. This comprehensive knowledge enables us to provide effective guidance on structuring your business legally.

With years of experience and a successful track record advising companies of all kinds, our business and commercial lawyers understand the importance of thorough analysis. We do not rush headlong down any path. We take great care to provide guidance that is customized to the needs of each business we represent.

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York, PA Business Attorneys Will Help You Explore Every Entity Choice

Navigating through the entity selection process can be daunting for first-timers. Our adept business formation lawyers simplify the process by guiding you through a range of available choices:

Sole Proprietorship

The simplest and least expensive business type for a one-person operation. Drawbacks include unlimited personal liability, which could put personal assets at risk.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC combines the operations efficiency and tax advantages of a partnership with the reduced personal liability of a corporation. However, it may not safeguard personal assets from creditors.

General Partnership

Two or more individuals share ownership in this type of business. General partnerships have relatively easy formation and dissolution procedures but hold partners jointly liable for debts.

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

An LLP is a more formal version of a general partnership. It offers increased liability protection and simpler compliance requirements.


This is the most common incorporated business type. Owners are liable only to the extent of their investments. It has a separate legal and tax life.


Differing from a C-corporation, an S-corporation undergoes taxation of shareholder income at the personal level. Operational procedures are strict and the number of shareholders is limited.

Professional Corporation (PC)

Primarily for professionals like engineers, accountants and healthcare professionals, a PC may also prove beneficial for unincorporated businesses seeking tax breaks.

Our Business Formation Services Extend To Business Restructuring

Our business entity attorneys can assist existing companies meet their operational objectives. We help in creating a special-purpose entity for certain transactions like acquisitions, or if you’re looking to restructure, we ensure you are addressing all legal and financial concerns.

We Collaborate With Our Clients

When you partner with our business formation attorneys, you are assured of personalized attention as we develop an effective legal solution tailored for you. At MPL Law Firm, you are much more than just another case file.

Call the professional business attorneys at MPL at 717-845-1524 or reach out to us online to schedule an initial consultation today.

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When you choose our firm to help you with your small business formation, we hope it’s the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial partnership. As a local business ourselves, we are proud of the successes of our neighbors and aim to contribute to that success in whatever way we can. That’s why, when entrepreneurs in York need a business formation attorney, they turn to the team at MPL Law Firm.

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