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Few people want to dwell on what will become of their assets when they pass on. However, advance planning can make a monumental difference to your family and loved ones should anything happen unexpectedly. Estate planning encompasses multiple decisions, many of which require specific legal knowledge to ensure they are made wisely.
The wills and estates lawyers at York, PA’s MPL Law Firm are available to help you make the right choices in this important matter. No matter how big or small your estate, we can make sure all your bases are covered. We’ll point out the expenses, tax issues and other concerns you might not have thought of otherwise.

We are an experienced estate planning law firm serving York, PA.

The high level of personal attention provided by our attorneys is critical when it comes to estate planning. We start with a thorough discussion to determine exactly what you want to accomplish with your estate plan. We believe that the creation of a strong attorney-client relationship ensures that every estate plan is customized to the specific needs of the client and structured to achieve that person’s goals.

During our more than 30 years of service to central Pennsylvania, we have developed a reputation for excellence. Our clients are satisfied with the results we provide — so satisfied, in fact, that they frequently refer family members, friends, and associates who need estate-planning services to us.

We offer a wide range of estate planning tools.

Wills, trusts, living wills, healthcare powers of attorney and general powers of attorney are the most common tools incorporated into an estate plan. These can be used in different combinations, depending on what a client is trying to achieve.

There are also different variations of each of these tools. For example, there are powers of attorney that grant decision-making power on a wide range of issues or a specific area such as medical or financial decisions. Many types of trusts exist, as well, including testamentary trusts, revocable trusts, charitable trusts, special needs trusts and life insurance trusts. Our experience allows us to quickly assess which tools will best meet your needs and goals.

We can build an estate plan around any estate.

The size of an estate has a considerable impact on planning. An estate that includes a house, a car, and a retirement account will be handled much differently than an estate that includes a family-owned business, real estate property in other states, and antique car collections. Regardless of the size or nature of the estate, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to build an effective estate plan for you.

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It’s never too early to make decisions that will have a lasting impact on your friends and loved ones. Proactive planning with a knowledgeable estate lawyer is the best way to get peace of mind that comes with knowing things will be taken care of if something unexpected happens.

To get started, contact the estate planning attorneys at York, PA’s MPL Law Firm today. With more than 30 years of experience serving clients in the central PA region, there’s no better partner for securing your financial future.

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