Raising Private Capital

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Raising Private Capital

It’s not surprising that lots of great business ideas are stifled by a lack of access to capital. Commercial banks are often only willing to provide adequate working capital to a business after it has achieved success. At the same time, many companies are financially challenged reaching the stage where they have access to commercial lenders  — or limited in their ability to raise adequate capital from commercial lenders to fund maximum growth. At MPL Law Firm we’re experienced in private debt and equity transactions. Our clients have close relationships with financial advisors and investors that can assist companies to raise the capital they need to grow.

We can assist you with deal structure and preparation of legal documents necessary for funding by a private investor. We can also help with securities law compliance by helping prepare your private placement memorandum (PPM), making the necessary SEC Form D filings and any State Blue Sky law filings and helping to assemble the right team to raise the capital you need. From there, we’ll direct and prepare the necessary legal documents based on deal structure and capital investment — and help negotiate with angel investors, private equity funds, or venture capital investors to get the best deal possible. As issues arise, we’ll find solutions and keep your transaction on course — using persistence and attention to detail to get the deal closed and funded.

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