Family Law

Under What Circumstances Would You Visit a Family Law Attorney?

Anything involving family is significant and delicate. Our firm has extensive experience in all phases of family law. Whether you find yourself in the joyous occasion of adopting a child or find yourself facing the prospect of divorce, custody or support problems, you need an attorney who is experienced and shrewd about navigating through the legal system. Our family law team is comprised of experts in all matters of family law, practical and reasonable problem-solvers who will fight for you.

A Respected Team, Focused on Solutions

Locally, our team regularly appears in court and is familiar with the local judiciary and its preferences, practices and procedures. Beyond the lower court level, we have successfully litigated family law cases to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania and have been instrumental in setting precedent for the courts in the areas of custody and support.

Our family law team offers representation in the following areas:

How Do You Get in Contact for More Information From our York County Family Lawyers?

Are you facing a divorce, child custody hearing, paternity suit or other family law-related matter? MPL Law can help. We see our clients as more than just another case. We understand lives will be impacted by the legal matters we assist you with, and we will listen to you throughout your case to ensure you get the representation you want. Contact our office when you have a family law need.

The firms Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch; MPL Law Firm; and Griest Himes Herrold Reynosa have joined together, bringing decades of experience together as the new MPL Law Firm.

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