Family Law

Under What Circumstances Would You Visit a Family Law Attorney?

Family lawyers can help with a wide range of matters, but are most commonly sought out when your family is going through a big life change that requires legal guidance.

When you go through a separation, you may need the advice of an attorney if you decide to proceed with a divorce. An attorney can help you determine what you need for your case and discuss things with you such as equitable distribution, which refers to how you divide your possessions when you divorce.

You might also need a family lawyer to draw up a prenuptial agreement when you get married or a post-nuptial agreement which is entered into after the marriage. Are you planning to adopt a step-child or change your name? A family law attorney can assist you in following the state laws specific to PA regarding your case.

What Kind of Legal Representation Can a Family Lawyer in York, PA Offer?

Family law firms can represent you in many different circumstances. You may want to enlist an attorney focusing on family law in cases of:

  • Paternity: Whether you seek child support from an absent father or you believe you have a biological child and have been denied access to them, an attorney can assist you.
  • Spousal Support: A family lawyer can help establish spousal support payments after a separation and ensure that the payments are adjusted to a level reasonable to both parties.
  • Protection from Abuse: As domestic violence becomes more prevalent in our society, it is important to have an attorney on your side to protect you whether through the filing of a Petition for Protection from Abuse or the defense of a frivolous action.
  • Emancipation: When a minor seeks to assume oversight of their own welfare, an attorney at a family law practice can file the paperwork.
  • Child custody: Family lawyers help hammer out child custody deals in the case of separation or other times when there may be a dispute over who gets a child, such as when a grandparent asks for custody.

How Do You Get in Contact for More Information From our York County Family Lawyers?

Are you facing a divorce, child custody hearing, paternity suit or other family law-related matter? MPL Law can help. We see our clients as more than just another case. We understand lives will be impacted by the legal matters we assist you with, and we will listen to you throughout your case to ensure you get the representation you want. Contact our office when you have a family law need.