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Business and Commercial Litigation Attorneys in York, PA

Money is lost. Accusations are made. Disputes arise. And when they do, it’s a smart idea to consult an experienced business litigation attorney — someone qualified to advise you on what legal strategies are available to address the situation. It’s best to know all of your options before making a decision.

MPL Law Firm has more than 30 years of experience providing business litigation representation to clients in York and Adams Counties and throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our longevity — and our longstanding relationships with business clients throughout the state — is evidence of our success.

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We can offer you knowledgeable guidance on how to address even the most complex disputes. Our business and commercial attorneys take great care in assessing and outlining all the possible options for handling the matter — as well as the potential outcomes each option could lead to.

The possibility of an equitable resolution is the first thing we look for in all commercial litigation cases. We are well aware that disputes frequently arise out of valuable business relationships. We know the ideal outcome is one that satisfies the needs of both parties and preserves the relationship going forward. Which is why negotiation skills are critical.

We deal from a position of strength.

While negotiation is an important first step in resolving any dispute, success comes from a position of strength. Our reputation as successful litigators allows us to negotiate from such a position. We will not hesitate to go to trial when that is what a case requires and your opponents will know that.

Our lawyers handle all types of business and commercial litigation, including:

  • Disputes over business dissolution
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Partnership disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Real estate disputes
  • Construction disputes

The final outcome of a dispute can turn on a single detail, even a minor one. For that reason, we build solid cases after gathering all of the facts. We identify strengths and weaknesses of your case early on so we can use that knowledge in negotiations. We do not allow opportunities to pass us by, nor do we leave any opportunities for our opposition to take advantage of.

The firms Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch; MPL Law Firm; and Griest Himes Herrold Reynosa have joined together, bringing decades of experience together as the new MPL Law Firm.

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