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Valuable Local Perspective

From representing owners and developers in a variety of commercial and industrial real estate transactions to assisting local government agencies, zoning boards and municipal leaders in critical aspects of governance, MPL Law Firm has a wealth of experience — and a proven track record — in all aspects of real estate and municipal law.

The firm has provided more than 40 years of service to clients in York and Adams Counties and the entire central Pennsylvania region. Our experience has taught us how to clearly identify clients’ needs and what strategies will be the most successful in achieving their goals. And our close ties to the community provide us with a valuable “local” perspective.

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We Practice All areas of Real Estate Law

In PA, businesses turn to MPL Law Firm for professional representation in all types of real estate and municipal law matters. Our real estate attorneys handle specific cases, including:

  • Commercial, industrial and agricultural real estate, including due diligence about environmental matters and redevelopment, 1031 exchanges, commercial and industrial lease agreements, and more.
  • Condominium and planned community issues — whether you’re a developer, homeowners association or resident, we can ensure your rights and interests are protected.
  • Environmental law matters, such as project risk assessment and representation before federal administrative agencies and courts.
  • Foreclosure and tax sales of distressed assets — our real estate lawyers can ensure proper notices are posted, titles are reviewed and cleared, and liens are filed to the proper court.
  • Municipal and local government consulting, including drafting new ordinances and intergovernmental agreements, mediating personnel and labor issues, and providing legal services in a range of other matters.
  • Real estate transactions and title insurance — if you’re closing on a residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural property, our thoroughness and legal experience can be critical to protecting your interests.
  • Water and sewer authorities rely on our real estate attorneys for straightforward counsel in any relevant legal matter. We can help you set rates legally and ethically, strengthen relationships with municipal governments and manage the bidding process for any upcoming contracts.
  • Zoning hearing boards — with our firm’s background in real estate law, we can represent both municipal boards and private citizens in all real estate zoning matters.
  • Zoning, subdivision and land use issues – leveraging our existing relationships with municipal zoning boards in York, PA and beyond, our real estate lawyers can help developers guide their projects through the approval process.

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To learn more about specific issues our real estate attorneys can handle, follow the links on this page or contact our office to arrange a consultation. In everything we do, our goal is to provide the informed, experienced legal counsel you need to grow your business and take proactive steps to protect yourself from consequences down the line.

When your business is taking a step as important and complex as a real estate transaction, do not leave anything to chance. Effective legal analysis before and during a transaction can help identify and eliminate pitfalls before they become truly costly. Call our York, PA real estate law office and get started today.

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