Federal and PA State Tax Law

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Federal and Pennsylvania Tax Attorneys

The federal tax code has become perhaps the most complex set of laws in the country today. Many state and local governments are struggling financially, including Pennsylvania and many of its cities and towns. One way that governments are trying to raise revenue is by becoming more aggressive in collecting taxes from businesses.

As a Pennsylvania business owner, you probably find it very challenging to understand your tax obligations and the tax benefits that may be available to you. Whether you’re setting up a new business or have been operating for many years, you should seek advice from a qualified tax lawyer if you have any concerns.

Business law is at the core of our practice.

MPL Law Firm assists clients with all aspects of business planning, formation and operation. Federal and state tax issues figure heavily into this equation. Our lawyers have more than 30 years of collective experience in this area of law. The firm also has a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) on staff, who in addition to his extensive legal experience has served many years as a tax accountant with a large accounting firm.

Based on our extensive experience in this area, we’re able handle all aspects of tax planning, audits and litigation on behalf of our business clients.

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Federal Tax Advice for PA Businesses

MPL Law Firm covers a range of federal tax matters for Pennsylvania companies on such issues as:

  • Tax consequences of the various business forms (LLC, LLP, etc.)
  • Employment tax issues and litigation
  • Trust fund recovery penalties
  • IRS civil audits
  • Partnership tax/TEFRA
  • Sale tax liabilities
  • Tax ramifications of purchase and sales agreements

Pennsylvania State Tax Law Business Guidance

Our skilled Federal and Pennsylvania tax attorneys provide advice and guidance on all state tax issues affecting businesses in York and Adams Counties and throughout central Pennsylvania. These include:

    • State taxation of partnerships, LLCs and other business forms
    • Sales and use taxes in Pennsylvania
    • Realty transfer tax in Pennsylvania
    • Inheritance taxes affecting family businesses

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Business Counsel For Employment Tax Law

Especially in challenging economic times, many companies face difficult choices. Some owners decide not to pay the employment taxes withheld from employee paychecks, which can lead to thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes and the potential for serious penalties.

If you have found yourself in a difficult position with regard to employment taxes, reach out to us as soon as possible for advice. We may be able to negotiate any penalties down to a reasonable amount and help you stay in business.

Industries We Assist With Tax Navigation

MPL Law Firm assists clients in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, financial services, real estate, professional services and others.

Regardless of the nature or size of your business, we will take the time to become thoroughly acquainted with your company and make sure you are set up to comply with all federal tax obligations and to take advantage of any tax breaks that may be available.

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