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COVID-19 Business Law Updates

Coronavirus Legal Updates

Video: Coronavirus Relief Programs: Acronyms, Options, & Answers (from 2020)

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Financial Updates Related to COVID-19

As businesses assess their capital needs in this challenging environment, we think the financial updates and insights from Dave Barnitt at Attract Capital, LLC will be a very helpful resource. You can watch his latest update here.

Dave and his team provide capital structure advice and deal services, including expertise with non-traditional lending options in the middle-market. We have successfully closed numerous deals with Dave over the past decade.

You can also visit or the Attract Capital YouTube Channel where Dave has a variety of helpful videos on lending options available in the mid-market.

Tax Guidance for COVID-19

In order to comprehensively serve our clients, we would like to direct you to a tax perspective on how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic.  For a tax and accounting perspective of the changing landscape due to the coronavirus, please visit the Resource Center of Eisenhart & Co., one of the accounting firms our office works closely with.

IT/Tech Guidance for COVID-19

For guidance on how to remotely connect with others during this time and a variety of other helpful tips from the IT/Tech angle, check out Coulson Technologies

Municipal Law Updates