Municipalities and Local Government

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Municipalities and Local Government Attorneys in York, PA

Local government officials frequently rely on the advice of attorneys when confronting important issues such as economic development, housing and other critical aspects of governance. Not all law firms are set up to deal with these issues efficiently and effectively.

MPL Law Firm, however, has worked with municipal leaders in York County for many years. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of local communities and how their needs evolve, both during times of prosperity and times of economic challenge. We provide careful guidance to municipal leaders as they make important choices for their communities.

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We offer local leaders comprehensive advice and representation.

As legal counsel to local government agencies, zoning boards and individual municipal leaders, we help clients deal with emergency issues as they arise, as well as all aspects of everyday governance. The issues we handle include:

  • Drafting ordinances for townships and boroughs
  • Code enforcement issues, including building code violations and eminent domain
  • Drafting intergovernmental agreements
  • Representation at zoning board hearings and drafting options on behalf of zoning boards
  • Representation of water and sewer authorities
  • Resolving personnel issues
  • Public labor issues
  • Advising fire and police boards

With a longstanding reputation in the local community, MPL Law Firm is dedicated to helping public officials perform their jobs effectively for the benefit of all citizens — and committed to providing legal services at reasonable costs.