Small Business Planning

Small Business Planning

Small companies, including family-owned and closely held businesses, require a great deal of planning. While much of that planning should be focused on the immediate future, the long-term should not be overlooked.

At MPL Law Firm our lawyers have more than 30 years of experience assisting small businesses in York and Adams Counties and throughout central Pennsylvania in planning for and ensuring long-term growth.

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We’ll help you plan for the immediate future.

Business planning begins with business formation and choice of entity. This is the foundation for success. Tax planning must be considered from the start, and it is a critical element during the majority of business and commercial transactions.

Other elements of planning involve the management of employees. We offer employment services, including review of hiring and termination procedures, creation of handbooks, and avoidance of discrimination claims. Our attorneys are committed to help you plan carefully from the very beginning because we believe that is how the groundwork for success is built.

We also offer critical planning services for mergers and acquisitions of other businesses and raising capital to fund the ongoing needs of yours. And for many of our small business clients, we serve as their general counsel, solving any and all of the legal problems that may arise.


It’s important to consider the long-term.

Business succession planning is a crucial issue for businesses. For family businesses, this issue also overlaps with estate planning. Essentially, the goal is to structure a plan allowing the business to smoothly transition from one generation to the next.

We take great care to set up the appropriate structures necessary to achieve this goal. We see to it that tax consequences are limited, looking at options that range from gifting to the creation of business trusts to the creation of holding companies. That way, we help facilitate a smooth transition.

We’re a small business law firm that respects your achievements.

MPL Law Firm has been serving the central PA area for more than three decades. With our strong local roots, we respect your accomplishments and consider them a mirror of our own. We know how essential loyalty is to our success, and we work every day to deliver value to our clients.
What separates us from other small business attorneys in York is that we know the importance of effective, open communication between a lawyer and their client. When there are important legal decisions to be made, we’ll explain your options thoroughly, allowing you to make an educated choice with the help of our expert legal opinion.

We build relationships for life.

MPL Law Firm was founded with the goal of building clients for life. With our small business law clients, our aim is to provide expert advice that will help protect their interests as they grow and succeed. When you need a small business lawyer in York, choose the MPL Law Firm team that’s committed to your ongoing success.

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