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Business Planning Attorneys

Are you considering opening a business in Pennsylvania, or thinking about the future for your established business? Careful planning is crucial both when launching your company and ensuring its long-term success. A capable business attorney can be a trusted partner who delivers reliable legal advice during every phase of your company’s journey.

MPL Law Firm has served businesses from startup to enterprise for more than 30 years. Our team of experienced business planning attorneys will take the time to discover what you want to accomplish with your business and create a customized legal strategy to help you achieve your business objectives.

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Business Formation Services

MPL can guide you through each step when forming your new business:

  • Choosing a business entity: Should you operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation? Our small business planning lawyers can help you decide and take care of the essential documentation and filings as you move forward.
  • Staffing: Will you need to hire employees? We will ensure you are familiar with the labor laws so you can complete the recruiting and hiring processes while maintaining compliance and avoiding discriminatory practices.
  • Contracts: You will likely need to engage in multiple contractual arrangements when forming your business. Our attorneys can assist you with the negotiations to protect your interests and ensure the most favorable terms.
  • Taxation: Developing a sound tax strategy during the planning phase can help you keep more of your business income and avoid future losses. We can provide reliable guidance in this crucial area.

Long-Term Planning Strategies

You’ll also need to make critical legal decisions as your small business matures and prospers. MPL Law can assist you with:

  • Mergers and acquisitions: As your company grows, it may be advantageous to merge with a competitor or expand by acquiring another business. We can help you navigate these complex transactions.
  • Restructuring: Our business planning lawyers can offer advice if you need to reconfigure your company to adapt to change or create a leaner, more cost-effective operation.
  • Succession planning: MPL can work with you to draft a plan for what happens to your business if you retire, become disabled or pass away to ensure a seamless transition. If yours is a family-owned entity, we can integrate this step with estate planning.
  • Dissolution: You may decide to close your business at some point due to financial considerations or other reasons. We can help you file articles of dissolution and manage other applicable closing processes.

Our Approach Makes MPL Law Firm Different

Unlike many other law firms in the York area, we strive to develop close relationships with our clients. You’ll never feel like just another case file when you partner with us. Our forward-thinking approach also means you can count on us for trustworthy guidance to meet your ongoing legal challenges.

No matter which life cycle stage your business is in, from a small startup business to a mature enterprise, the experienced business planning lawyers at MPL are ready to assist you. Call us at 717-845-1524 or request an initial consultation online today.