Condominiums and Planned Communities

Condominiums and Planned Community Attorneys in York, PA

At MPL Law Firm, we take pride in our ability to handle complex real estate legal issues, including those involving condominiums and planned communities.  We have in-depth knowledge of the Pennsylvania Uniform Condominium Act and the Pennsylvania Uniform Planned Communities Act, as well all other applicable laws — and have experience representing all parties in a wide range of development matters.

We represent developers,

From declarations and bylaws to rules and regulations to public offering statements, we have experience assisting developers in setting up condominium associations or home owner associations (HOA) and converting real estate into this type of ownership. We can also help you decide whether a condominium or homeowner association best fits your project and then guide you through preparation, planning and approval of all documents.

Home Owner Associations,

We can handle all legal matters for HOAs, including the resolution of disputes that stem from residents’ failure to pay assessments and fees. We can also assist with the enforcement of bylaws, rules and regulations and more.

and residents.

Residents of condominiums and planned communities agree to follow certain rules to be part of a community. Still, residents have rights and we see to it that those rights are protected, as well as answer any questions about their legal obligations and advocate on their behalf.