Zoning, Subdivision and Land Use

Zoning, Subdivision and Land Use Attorneys in York, PA

Land use issues that involve zoning and subdivision, as well as land development, typically involve effective, persuasive representation of the facts to municipalities. The success of these interactions can lead to the success of an industrial or commercial real estate project. At MPL Law Firm we understand how to work with municipalities so that our clients have the ability to move forward with various development projects.

Leveraging our relationships with many municipalities based on past successes, we can help guide you through the approval process as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We also work closely with your engineer to identify all the zoning, subdivision and land development issues in your project.

With more than 30 years of service to clients throughout central Pennsylvania, we have developed strong local connections and are familiar with many of the various municipalities and what needs to be done to present your situation effectively.

We help you navigate a complex process.

Wading through municipal ordinances that relate to zoning, subdivision and land use and development can be extremely complex. However, our attorneys have learned through experience the most effective ways to resolve issues related to storm water, sewer, water, traffic, building permits, provisions of municipal codes, planning codes, second class township codes, first class township codes, the Municipality Authorities Act, and other similar codes.

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