Mediation embraces the axioms that a dispute or conflict belongs to the parties who created it, and that the parties most directly affected by the dispute are those best able to resolve it. The mediation process allows the parties to engage with each other in an informal setting, as opposed to a courtroom. Not only can mediation save time and money, it also allows the parties to work together to reach a resolution to the satisfaction of all parties. In addition, mediation is private and confidential.

Attorney Charles Rausch is an American Arbitration Association® trained mediator, and is available to assist parties in resolving their dispute or conflict through the mediation process.

As a mediator, Attorney Rausch acts as a neutral third party to assist the parties in opening communication to facilitate negotiations. The mediator facilitates the parties’ negotiations by helping to analyze the issues and proposals, by assisting the parties in assessing the costs and benefits of either continuing or resolving the dispute, and by exploring creative options to end the conflict.

Keep in mind that Attorney Rausch has over 30 years of experience dealing with zoning and land development issues. Section 908.1 of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code authorizes a mediation option as an aid in completing proceedings involving appeals to a zoning hearing board or appeals to Court. Attorney Rausch is available to assist parties in resolving their land use dispute through mediation.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by mediating your dispute.

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