Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Businesses run on good ideas. At MPL Law Firm we help clients protect those ideas and other proprietary work through copyright, trademark, patent, and trade secret protection. Our intellectual property business lawyers have safeguarded the rights and interests of businesses and individuals in a broad range of industries.

We handle trademark prosecution and licensing,

Under the Federal Trademark Act/Lanham Act, a trademark prevents others from using certain words or symbols that identify a company or product. While you can protect your trademark without going through formal licensing, registration of your trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) can ensure further protection. Federal registration puts others on notice of your rights to the trademark and adds additional remedies against infringement.

Our trademark protection/prosecution attorneys help clients file comprehensive trademark applications with the USPTO. We can also help you obtain licenses to use another company’s trademark through franchise licensing agreements or distributorship agreements. Finally, we can prosecute trademark infringement if your proprietary rights have been violated.

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Copyright Licensing and Litigation, and trade secret protection

To protect an article, book, or other work of fixed expressive art, whether already published or later developed, you can register your work with the Library of Commerce’s Copyright Office. Owners of copyrighted works have exclusive right to reproduce the work, prepare derivative works, distribute or sell copies of the work, or perform or display the works publicly. The Copyright Act also protects software and digital media.

Our attorneys help clients ensure full protection of the law through copyright registration. We can also help you gain the right to possess or use the work of art through a copyright license.

Protecting a formula, drawing, compilation, program, or other piece of proprietary information involves more steps than the other forms of intellectual property licensing. We help clients protect their trade secrets under the Pennsylvania Uniform Trade Secrets Act by:

  • Developing trade secret policies through nondisclosure agreements and employee handbooks
  • Limiting access to trade secret materials
  • Marking documents as “confidential” or “trade secret”
  • Establishing control procedures for trade secret disclosure

Our business attorneys have developed a solid reputation for solution-based representation and knowledge in the intellectual property area. If you have an issue involving trademarks, copyrights, patents, or trade secrets, talk to us first.