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What’s the Difference Between Child Custody and Child Visitation?

Child visitation consists of the time a parent spends with a child. A child visitation schedule documents the hours the parent spends with the child. It includes the frequency of interactions as well as the dates and times.

Child custody has two different definitions. Physical custody refers to the right of parents to have the child live with them. Legal custody means the right to make decisions for a child, such as educational and health choices. When you pick what school your child will attend, you are executing a legal custody decision. Having sole custody means you can make those decisions on your own. Joint custody means you must talk to your ex to make such decisions.

What Are Child Custody Guidelines?

You can reach a child custody agreement in three ways:

  • Out of court, in which the parties negotiate outside the courtroom to come to a mutual agreement
  • Through court-supervised mediations and conciliations where the parties negotiate with a neutral third party
  • In court, where the judge will set forth an order granting custody

Judges are guided by determining what custody arrangement is in the best interest of the child. They may consider things such as the child’s preference, the work schedules of the parents, past history of abuse or substance dependence, and more. PA law allows for custody agreements and orders to be revisited at any time.

How Can MPL Child Custody Attorneys in York, PA Help You?

Our child custody lawyers can help by expediting the process of working out a child custody agreement. It may take less time and be less expensive to work through a lawyer than to do it on your own. They can advise you on how much support you should ask for and whether a primary custody deal is within reach. They will draw on their previous experience to find ways to strengthen your case for custody while being honest with the likely outcome of each case.

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