How to Deal With a Divorce in the Workplace

Deciding how to deal with divorce is always difficult, but chances are that you will need to continue working, even as you go through the legal process. Dealing with the stress related to divorce along with work projects can quickly become overwhelming, but there are ways you can stay professional and positive on the job despite the turmoil at home:

1. Report the Divorce to the Appropriate Parties at Work

You may want to let HR, your supervisor and your employer know about your divorce, especially if you have court dates coming up or if you may need to take some calls. You may also want to let your team members know, in case they notice mood changes.

In addition, talk to HR about any benefits that can help you now, such as childcare, paid time off or counseling services. When speaking about your divorce at work, stick to the facts and keep things brief. Your employer does not need, or likely want, details.

2. Be Discreet

While divorce is stressful, try to keep the impact on your work to a minimum. Avoid making it the primary topic of conversation and work hard to avoid any slowdown in your performance. Try to arrange your life so you miss as little work as possible as well. If you need to vent, try to do it with friends and family at home so you can keep your work life as professional as you can.

3. Have a Plan for When Things Feel Overwhelming

Working through divorce can cause many emotions to unexpectedly arise. One day you may feel hopeful and upbeat about your future, and just hours later, you may feel despair and intense grief. Expect the emotional ups and downs and have a plan for dealing with them.

Consider going to a private area in the workplace or going for a walk to clear your head. Use soothing music or deep breathing and meditation to get a handle on your emotions. You might also try working out your feelings before work, so you are clear-headed and prepared for your day.

4. Minimize Calls, Texts and Emails With Your Spouse

When going through a divorce, you will likely have some contact with your spouse to discuss childcare or other urgent matters, but try to keep contact to a minimum. Not only will the calls, emails and texts impact you emotionally, but any disagreements you have can potentially affect your case in court.

Trying to handle personal matters at work can also affect your work performance and can be a big distraction. The best course of action may be to work with a divorce attorney, who can contact your spouse and their attorney when information needs to be passed on.

5. Create a Focused and Positive Environment

Take good care of your health and be kind to yourself so you can create the best environment possible. Consider speaking with a therapist if you are struggling or having trouble sleeping. A professional can teach you how to work through a divorce by showing you how to manage your emotions and navigate the uncertainty of the divorce process. Speaking with your divorce attorney is also helpful as they can often set out a firm plan or timeline for how the process with progress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and informed.

At work, create the best possible environment, whether that means asking to be placed on specific projects you are good at or removing all memories of your marriage from your desk. Where possible, try to keep your work place as divorce-free as possible. You can focus on the legal procedure when you are at home or speaking to your attorney.

The Bottom Line About Divorce and Work

Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of your life, and you don’t want it to have an impact on your work performance, too. While it may be unrealistic to think divorce won’t affect your job at all, keeping the negative impact to a minimum is good for your career and your emotional well-being.

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