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You need to take action immediately if you refused to take a chemical test, whether it was a breath, blood or urine test. And when you do, the criminal defense attorneys at MPL Law Firm will explain your rights and investigate the issue.

Any penalties for breath test or blood test refusal are in addition to any penalties stemming from the DUI charge itself. Chemical test refusal is a civil matter, while the DUI is a criminal charge. Therefore, the attorney you hire needs to be comfortable handling both types of cases.

Based on our extensive experience with DUI and test refusal cases, the first thing we look at is whether you were properly warned about the implied consent law. Arresting officers are required to inform people that refusal to take the breath or blood test will result in a driver’s license suspension. If the officer in your case failed to warn you, we may be able to prevent evidence of your refusal from being used against you in court.

Another issue we will investigate is whether your refusal was express or implied. In other words, did you actually say “no,” or did the officer instead believe you would refuse and never actually asked you? If the officer recorded a refusal but you did not intend to refuse, we may be able to use that in your defense.

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The stakes in DUI cases are high. You face time in jail and a suspension of your driver’s license. However, if you get in touch with us early, we may be able to prevent those consequences from occurring.  It’s important not to wait. Time is of the essence.

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