Convertible Debt – Is it Debt or Equity?

October 11, 2023

What is convertible debt and why is it used?  Is it debt or equity?  Well, it’s a little of both.

Essentially, convertible debt is a loan where the lender can exchange the principal and accrued interest for equity at a predetermined valuation.  It is commonly used by start-up companies that are in growth mode (i.e., they have a proven product or service offering and are generating revenue but need capital to grow).  The conversion feature is added as a way for private third-party lenders to benefit from the continued growth.  However, the underlying debt terms are in place to protect their interests.

The key terms for a convertible debt offering will include the following:

  • Interest Rate – the cost of the money that is being borrowed
  • Maturity Date – when the underlying debt matures
  • Discount Rate – the discount to the future valuation of the company where a bondholder can convert the debt into equity
  • Valuation Cap – the upper limit on the price at which the debt converts into equity

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