Last Stop on the IP Tour – Patents

May 02, 2023

We are going wrap up our tour of IP with a review of patents this week.  Essentially, a Patent is a legal right granted by the applicable government organization to a creator for an invention that is new, useful or offers a new solution to a problem.

In the US, most patents are valid for 20 years and come in one of three different types:  Utility, Design and Plant.  Utility Patents cover new inventions and are the most commonly used type of patent.  A Design Patent covers original, new and ornamental designs for manufactured products.  Plant Patents deal with new and unique plants invented in a lab or cultivated area.

The process for applying for patent protection in the US is laid out on the US Patent and Trademark website.  It can be one of the more daunting and extensive IP filing processes.  However, if your invention has merit and value, it can be worth it. Check out some of the articles below detailing some of the higher profile patent disputes:

If you think you have a project that is worthy of a patent, I suggest you engage an experienced intellectual property attorney to help you navigate the process.

Here are a few other topics that may be of interest:

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