Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Avoiding Groupthink

June 15, 2023

Each morning, I scan the headlines to stay in the loop with the news of the day.  Inflation, downturns, recessions, layoffs, pullbacks, hard landing, soft landing, and so on….these are all the buzzwords being thrown around in the major news outlets and social media channels.  As Dorothy famously said in the Wizard of Oz….Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!….and we all know how that story worked out in the end.
Take a look at some the most recent articles:

What is really happening?  Better yet, are the themes in these articles a reality or someone’s perception of reality?  From my perspective, I tend to think there is a bit of “groupthink” going on.

How does this “groupthink” impact your business and what should you do?  I am not telling you there is not some merit to these themes.  However, those that remain focused on their goal, ignore the “groupthink” trap, and make their own reality are those who are usually successful in business over the long haul.  If you don’t believe me, try and find success stories with the following headline – “My success was driven by doing what everyone else was doing”.  I think you will be looking for a while.  The articles below offer some interesting insights on this topic:

If you need help, I’d recommend reaching out to a business coach, business mentor or any one of the mastermind groups that are out there.  At the end of the day, you make your own reality.

Here are a few other things that may be of interest:

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