The Year of the Strike – HAPPY LABOR DAY!

September 05, 2023

The unofficial end of Summer is upon us.  Labor Day has been a national holiday since 1894 but has roots in a long history of struggles between employers and employees.  Unless you are out of the work force or haven’t been paying attention, it feels like these issues have not gone away.   2023 can be called the Year of the Strike!

For employers/business owners, there is fine line between managing your costs and continuing to grow your business.  However, the bottom line is that employees are still a company’s most valuable asset (Yes, I recognize AI and Automation are increasingly making this statement less relevant).

Culture, pay and benefits are all things that must be carefully weighed and assessed if you want to succeed in business.  By the way, that is on top of keeping your product/service offering in demand.  So, what are you to do?  Below are some articles that may provide some insights as it relates to employee relations:

I also wanted to correct/clarify two items from last week’s post on Chapter 7 filings for businesses (Thanks to Rob Bovarnicka legal bankruptcy expert and friend, for letting me know). First, a business filing Chapter 7 does not get a debt discharge because the business closed (i.e., there is nothing to collect from).  Second, since there often is no bankruptcy purpose in a business filing Chapter 7, Courts will sometimes dismiss the case as a bad faith filing.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Here are a few other things that may be of interest:

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