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January 24, 2022

As we roll into 2022, there are a lot of acronyms (ESG, DEI, LGBTQ+…and so on) that are flying around in organizations.  What does all this mean for the business or organization leader?  A lot has to do with HR and governance.  HR, in particular, will be a hot spot for companies as they come out of the Covid lull and move back towards “normalcy”.  Below are some insightful articles which I think would be helpful to review:

So, what are you as a leader supposed to do with all these changes and the alphabet soup of acronyms that are swirling around?  More importantly, who do you talk to about them?  I would suggest looking to industry trade groups in your market, professional advisors (legal, HR) and possibly other leaders to find the solutions.  You are not alone and the answers are out there.  You just need to keep asking questions.  The cost of doing nothing could be catastrophic to your organization.

Here are some other items of interest:

Helpful Coronavirus Resource Pages

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