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October 03, 2022

The one thing that is a constant in the business realm is change.  Every day, the best-laid plans are disrupted and leaders must be ready to adapt.  If you run an organization or own a business, you know that from the time you started to the present, things look vastly different.  Since the turn of the century, who would have predicted things like 9/11, the housing crisis, and a global pandemic?  However, look at the innovation and change that resulted.

Businesses that succeed over the long term are the ones that understand this concept and continue to embrace it.  With that being said, organizational change is not easy and requires leaders that are forward-thinking and flexible.  Below are some great articles on this concept:

Speaking of change, I have some news as well.  After many months of planning, we are thrilled to announce that the firms of Griest Himes Herrold Reynosa and Blakey, Yost, Bupp & Rausch have merged with MPL Law Firm. I am excited to begin the next chapter of our firm with my new partners and team.

Please check out our refreshed website and a nice article from Joel Berg at BiznewsPA for more information.

I will leave you with this quote:

“Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.”  John Maxwell

Other items of interest:

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