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November 15, 2021

There must have been something in the water in the public company marketplace this past week.  GE, Toshiba and J&J all announced that each respective company was breaking up its key divisions.  While some may be surprised (not sure why), it is a normal cycle for businesses that become too far-flung.

If you look back in time, many other companies that were the corporate titans at one point, eventually broke up (e.g., ITTSiemens, and TYCO to name a few).  I can tell you that these breakups were not done overnight.  Hindsight is of course always 20/20.  At some point in time, you could see investor calls for change in each of these instances which eventually got louder and louder.

Can this same issue happen to smaller organizations?  Absolutely!  When a business loses its focus, bad things typically happen.  That’s why it is critical that a business or organization leader has a trusted group of professional advisors, mentors and/or a board of directors to help with strategic and operational decisions.  I can assure you that any decision you face has probably happened before.  This trusted group of advisors can help you and your organization stay on the right path.  They can be your Mr. Myagi and help you to “Focus Daniel Son, Focus”.

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