MPL General Counsel Corner – You Have Two Ears and One Mouth, Use Them Accordingly

June 06, 2022

Maybe it’s me, but I have noticed an uptick in business client calls that include the following:  “What are my legal options?” or “I want to sue!”  As I listen to their issues, more times than not the root cause is typically a breakdown in communication.  Maybe the supplier did not adequately explain all the ins and outs of the product or service being provided to you.  Perhaps it was not the supplier’s issue and your expectation of the level of service or quality was not adequately expressed.  Maybe your client is falling on tough times and is scared to tell you about it (i.e., they aren’t paying their invoice).  How about when you don’t check in with a valued employee and they all of a sudden leave?

In each of these situations, poor communication is more times than not at the heart of the issue.  None of us is perfect in this area.  However, listening and being clear and honest with your intentions will typically lessen the likelihood of an issue arising.  I can assure you that entering the legal arena, unless it’s a large, six figure+ type of payout, will hurt more than help your business.

Check out some interesting perspectives on this very topic:

I will leave you with the following quote, which I think is appropriate for this week’s GCC:

“You have two ears and one mouth, use them accordingly.”   – Steven Covey (and several others)

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