I’ll Be Back – Will AI Totally Replace Humans?

January 30, 2023


I read an article last week that said a business owner covertly had an AI program (ChatGPT) write and submit a job application to the recruitment team at his company.  It was so good that it ended up in the top 20% of the candidates.  It’s like James Cameron’s Terminator film is becoming a reality.  AI is infiltrating so many facets of the business world, it is hard to know what is human generated and what comes from the machines.  It is becoming so big that Microsoft is in talks to invest $10,000,000,000 (yes that’s Billion) for a 49% stake in ChatGPT.  For some perspectives on this fast-moving phenomenon, check out some of the articles below: 

The bottom line, in my view, is that this AI trend is here to stay and will continue to permeate different functions which used to be handled by humans.  The question is how quickly humans allow this to happen.  Things like Covid certainly accelerated its adoption in the business world.  Will Humans or Machines eventually win out?  I can assure you “AI WILL BE BACK” as a topic on this weekly update!
Other items of interest:

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