How to Choose a DUI Attorney

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March 24, 2020

If you have been charged with a DUI, you may want to hire a DUI attorney to help you create a strong defense. It’s easy to find an attorney since there are listings for criminal defense attorneys and law firms online. But how can you know which is the best DUI attorney for your case?

1. Do Independent Research

Rather than relying on the marketing copy of law firms and practicing attorneys, do your own research. Look at peer ratings, client testimonials, association memberships, awards and more. Read about how much experience each attorney has and look closely at any past cases to find attorneys who have handled cases similar to yours. Look beyond a law firm website and look in news media as well as on reputable websites, such as that of the Pennsylvania Bar Association.

2. Make a List of Lawyers Who Seem to Meet the Criteria

Once you have done your research, there may be a few attorneys who stand out because they seem to get strong testimonials, have years of relevant experience, are highly-regarded by their peers and take part in professional associations. Create a list of these most promising attorneys.

3. Interview Each Lawyer by Calling the Law Firm

Once you have completed your list of possible attorneys, contact them via phone. Phone contact allows you to see how comfortable you are speaking with each attorney and lets you examine how effective each attorney is at communication. You want an attorney who answers calls in a reasonable time frame, is personable and makes you feel comfortable. Look for an attorney who answers your questions and is transparent about what can and cannot be done in your case.

4. Find out About Legal Costs

Once you have attorneys on the phone, ask them about legal costs in your case. You want an attorney who is transparent about costs. Do not work with attorneys who are vague on this point since you may end up with an attorney you cannot afford.

Once you have taken these steps, it’s time to make your decision. Whether there is one clear winner or you are hesitating between two promising attorneys, keep in mind your goal is to get the best representation. Where possible, look for an attorney who has a track record of successful cases and who you feel comfortable with.

Choosing your DUI attorney can be one of the most important decisions in your case. The right DUI attorney will work on your behalf to uncover any illegal actions on the part of investigators, will work to expose any inaccurate evidence against and will work to give you the best outcome possible. An attorney can also reassure you during what can be a difficult time and can strive to ensure you do not end up paying a huge price for a mistake. A good lawyer can protect your future and your privilege to drive.

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